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Zimbabwe's Imvelo Lodges launches private overnight rail cars

Beginning in May, the Stimela Star will take travelers from Victoria Falls to Hwange National Park in high-end, old-fashioned style.

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Hilton planned for the Moroccan capital

The 150-room Hilton Rabat, expected to open in 2022, will be part of the Wessal Bouregreg project, which contains a range of high-end residential, entertainment and cultural attractions along the river Bouregreg.

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Discovering Namibia's heartbeat along the Omulunga Palm Route

A kaleidoscope of attractions, from heritage and culture to wildlife and traditional food, await visitors on the road along the country's northern border.

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South Africa to host flurry of travel trade shows

Three shows are slated for Cape Town in April, and Indaba will be held in Durban in May.

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Lodge set to open in Tanzania's Tarangire Park

Lemala Mpingo Ridge's 15 tented suites will feature en-suite bathrooms, private decks and sunken outside lounges that convert to star beds at night.

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South African Airways appoints VP of sales

Marlene Sanau will be responsible for implementing sales strategies to strengthen and grow business relationships with travel agents and other industry partners.

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Eclectic experiences on a multicity Israel tour

While the itinerary of the trip included visits to iconic sites, the overall theme was designed to cast a wider net; that is, visitors of any stripe looking for a mix of education, culture, cuisine and fun.

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Emirates unveils redone 777, increases U.S. flights

For the first time since reducing U.S. service last April in response to Trump administration policies, Emirates will add frequencies.

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Cape Town a harbinger of future water woes

The city's water woes could presage drought issues in many destinations.

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The King of Jordan talks tourism

I asked the king to come off his throne and put himself in the chair of a U.S. travel agent.

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Focus on culinary travel: Exclusive dining and Instagrammable meals

From Disney's theme parks to up-and-coming hot spots like Portugal and South Africa, the foodie traveler seeks exclusive dining experiences, menus with local flavor, renowned chefs and, of course, meals that look as good on Instagram as they do on the plate.

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Tourists encouraged to visit Cape Town despite severe drought

South Africa Tourism CEO Sisa Ntshona said travelers should feel comfortable continuing with their plans to visit, as long as they keep in mind certain water conservation regulations.

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South Africa Tourism's Sisa Ntshona

The organization's CEO talks about the severe drought in Cape Town and how the industry is responding.

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Wilderness Travel program combines symposium, safari

The program, set for April 2019, includes a four-day symposium, "Namibia: A Vision for Wildlife," followed by a number of safari options.

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Shipwreck Lodge to open in Namibia

The 10-unit lodge, located between the Hoarusib and Hoanib rivers in the Skeleton Coast National Park, is expected to open in June.

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Ethiopia declares six-month state of emergency

The government has restricted or shut down internet, cellular data and phone services during and after civil unrest, impeding the U.S. Embassy's ability to communicate with U.S. citizens.

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A vibrant mix of flavors, cultures in Durban

The city is a melting pot metropolis that serves as both a jumping-off point to explore the region and a destination in its own right.

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Safari operator launches 'Travel with Purpose' tours

Luxury travel company andBeyond has developed philanthropy-focused itineraries in Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa.

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Ethiopian Airlines starting Chicago service

Thrice-weekly flights between O'Hare and Addis Ababa will start June 9.

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Israel shines as a multigen travel destination

Whether families are embarking on a trip to Israel to explore their own culture, visit relatives or just enjoy a great vacation, the destination offers a serious dose of fun for young travelers.

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